Turning great people into great stories

I am a bestselling ghostwriter and non-fiction writer, with a long career in capturing the stories and voices of extraordinary people.

Of the thirteen books I have ghostwritten, almost all for major international publishers, most have made it into the Booksellers New Zealand top ten bestseller list, four going all the way to No 1, and others finding a home at No 2.

Most recently, the book I worked on with New Zealand sportswoman and icon of effervescence, Ruby Tui, was the No 1 bestselling New Zealand nonfiction book for 2022, as well as being Spinoff Book of the Year, and runner-up Nonfiction Book of the Year on Newsroom. It has been in the No 1 position on the bestseller list since October 2022 – more than six months so far.

Ghostwriting is about collaboration. As a ghostwriter, I get to meet and listen to people with fascinating experiences and important insights, and then I help them bring all that wisdom to a wide audience.

My other non-fiction writing is similarly about exploring the life experiences of awesome people. Whale Oil – longlisted for the Occam Book Awards – unpacked Matt Blomfield’s experience of being attacked in cyberspace, and how that bled (literally) into the real world. In Womankind, I profiled 53 women who are each, in utterly different ways, determined to change this world for the better.

My professional relationships are marked by empathy and absolute commitment to reflecting my subjects’ distinct voices, authentically and with lively clarity.

If you have a book project you would like to discuss with me, please get in touch below: