Straight Up

True leadership is the opposite of individualism, the opposite of one person standing above the rest. It’s an encompassing, inclusive thing.

Allen & Unwin 2022

Ruby Tui’s incredible story is more than just one of tough beginnings, determination and eventual success. It’s the story of an effervescent, funny, wise personality whose contribution to the culture of the national women’s rugby teams – both sevens and fifteens – has been an important factor in drawing young women into the national sport. Even more than that, her story has encouraged countless New Zealanders to wholeheartedly grab life and make the most of it.

Released in early October 2022, Straight Up became part of the national celebration over the Black Ferns’ stunning win in the Women’s Rugby World Cup that same month, and has been in the No 1 position on the bestseller lists for all but a couple of weeks ever since. It was the No 1 bestselling NZ non-fiction book of 2022. It is truly a publishing phenomenon.

t has also been a critical success, with the Spinoff making it the Book of the Year, and Newsroom’s ReadingRoom the runner-up Nonfiction Book of the Year.

“The structure and pace of Tui’s life story has been expertly handled. The chapters are tight and flow effortlessly from one episode to the next”

Spinoff Books Editor Claire Mabey

“Very nearly the best book of non-fiction of 2022… Full credit, too, to Margie Thomson, who Tui told her story to, and then crafted a memoir as fascinating as her Stan Walker book a few years ago”

ReadingRoom Books Editor Steve Braunias

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