Stand By Me

Stand By Me: Helping your teen through tough times

John Kirwan

Penguin Books

“When I say I’m a dad and I’m scared, I really mean: I’m a dad and I’m looking for answers – from the professionals, kids, mums, dads and other caregivers who have been there, holding each other’s hands to hell and back.

Stand by me. Let’s take the journey together…”

Charting John Kirwan’s personal experiences as a father, and featuring the real voices of young people today, Stand By Me investigates issues around teenage mental health, with a focus on depression and anxiety.

“Because I’m vulnerable with my kids, they can be vulnerable back at me” – John Kirwan

“Stand by Me is a book that I wished I’d had when I was a mother of teenagers.”

– Christine Frayling, The Reader, Booksellers NZ blog, October 2014

“A must-read for any parent.”- Daily Post, October 2014

Went to No 4 in the Nielsen Bestseller charts.