Zen Heart: What I’ve learned from animals and life

‘Animals live in the real world of the present moment, following their breath, their senses and listening through their feet to Mother Earth.’

Penguin Random House, 2020

Animal behaviourist Mark Vette has trained almost every species you can think of. He captured global attention with ‘Dogs Who Drive Cars’ and ‘Dogs Who Fly Planes’ – and closer to home, New Zealanders fell in love with his heartwarming television series ‘Pound Pups to Dog Stars’. But behind his astonishing affinity for our non-human friends, lies his lifelong practice as a Buddhist. In this time of great uncertainty, his is a message we can take comfort in. He reminds us of our connection to the natural world, and shows us the great gift available to us from learning the language of the animal world.

It’s an intimate, special thing to spend so much time with someone telling your stories, trusting they will be held and cared for. Thank you for the deep care and respect you offered during that time and for the skill you showed to find the heart of another’s story’ – Mark Vette